Why Brezza is better than Nexon

Why Brezza is better than Nexon

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When it comes to choosing a compact SUV, the options seem endless. Two popular contenders in this segment are the Maruti Suzuki Brezza and the Tata Nexon.

Both vehicles offer impressive features and performance, but in this article, we will discuss why the Brezza stands out as the better choice.

From its superior fuel efficiency to its extensive safety features, the Brezza proves to be a worthy investment for any SUV enthusiast.

Comparison of Features

In terms of features, the Brezza outshines the Nexon in several aspects.

The Brezza comes equipped with a touchscreen infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it easier for drivers to connect their smartphones.

Additionally, it offers keyless entry, automatic climate control, and rear parking sensors, which are absent in the base variant of the Nexon.

The Brezza also boasts a larger boot space, allowing for more luggage to be carried during road trips or family outings.

These features give the Brezza an edge over the Nexon in terms of convenience and comfort.

Performance and Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to performance, the Brezza delivers an exceptional driving experience.

It is powered by a 1.5-liter petrol engine that generates 103 horsepower, providing ample power for both city commutes and highway drives.

On the other hand, the Nexon offers a 1.2-liter petrol engine that produces 108 horsepower.

While the Nexon has a slightly higher horsepower rating, the Brezza compensates with its impressive fuel efficiency.

With a mileage of around 18 kmpl, the Brezza proves to be more fuel-efficient than the Nexon, which offers a mileage of approximately 17 kmpl.

This makes the Brezza a cost-effective choice for those who travel long distances frequently.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for any car owner, and the Brezza excels in this aspect.

It comes equipped with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and a rear parking camera as standard across all variants.

The Nexon, on the other hand, offers these features only in its higher variants.

The Brezza also comes with ISOFIX child seat mounts, ensuring the safety of young passengers.

These safety features make the Brezza a reliable choice for families and individuals alike.

Interior and Exterior Design

In terms of design, both the Brezza and the Nexon offer sleek and modern aesthetics.

However, the Brezza stands out with its bold and muscular stance. Its chrome grille and LED projector headlamps give it a premium look.

Inside, the Brezza offers a spacious cabin with comfortable seating and ample legroom. The Nexon, although stylish, lacks the same level of interior space and comfort.

The Brezza’s superior design elements make it a more appealing choice for those seeking a stylish and comfortable SUV.

Pricing and Value for Money

Pricing is often a crucial factor when making a purchasing decision. The Brezza offers competitive pricing, making it a value-for-money option in the compact SUV segment.

With its range starting from $9,000, the Brezza offers a wide variety of features at an affordable price point.

The Nexon, on the other hand, starts at $10,000, making it slightly more expensive than the Brezza.

Considering the extensive features and performance offered by the Brezza, it clearly provides better value for money.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a testament to the quality and performance of a vehicle.

Numerous customer reviews and ratings indicate that the Brezza has been well-received by buyers.

Customers appreciate its fuel efficiency, comfortable ride quality, and low maintenance costs.

The Nexon, while receiving positive reviews as well, falls slightly behind the Brezza in terms of overall customer satisfaction.

The Brezza’s positive feedback from customers further solidifies its position as the better choice in this comparison.

After-Sales Service and Maintenance

After-sales service and maintenance are crucial aspects to consider when purchasing a car.

Maruti Suzuki has an extensive service network across the country, ensuring prompt and reliable service for Brezza owners.

The company also offers affordable maintenance packages, making it convenient for owners to keep their vehicles in top condition.

Tata Motors, the manufacturer of the Nexon, also provides reliable service, but Maruti Suzuki’s widespread service network gives the Brezza an advantage in this aspect.

Resale Value

Resale value is an important consideration for those who plan to upgrade their vehicles in the future. The Brezza holds a strong resale value due to its brand reputation and reliability.

Maruti Suzuki vehicles are known for their longevity and low maintenance costs, making them attractive to used car buyers.

On the other hand, the Nexon, while offering a good resale value, does not match the Brezza’s strong reputation in the used car market.

The Brezza’s high resale value adds to its appeal as a better long-term investment.


In conclusion, the Maruti Suzuki Brezza proves to be a better choice than the Tata Nexon in several key aspects.

Its superior fuel efficiency, extensive safety features, and affordable pricing make it a standout in the compact SUV segment.

The Brezza’s stylish design, comfortable interiors, and reliable after-sales service further add to its appeal.

With its strong resale value, the Brezza offers a smart investment for those looking for a compact SUV.

Ultimately, the Brezza’s combination of features, performance, and value for money make it the preferred choice over the Nexon.

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