Facebook Changed Its Algorithm & You Can Benefit

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Stay Relevant After The Big Algorithm Change in Facebook

Facebook made a big change recently. They are actively demoting pages that post content to non-authority sites.


  • If you’re posting the same type of content endlessly.
  • If your target site is spammy and non-authority all the time.
  • If you’re using clickbait.
  • If you’ve got spammy ads on your page.

If you want to stay relevant after this change, you must post a bigger variety of content including content that keeps people on Facebook (videos, images, gifs).

Viral Reach automates all of that.

Yes, you can get quality content without spending hours and hours finding, collating and posting it. It can be as easy as the press of a button.

Viral Reach gets you engaging and click pulling content for your fan pages to drive more customers to your offers. You have your ad budget in check with that.

The best part?

It helps you create and schedule a month's' worth content for all your niche fan pages within minutes -
ALL this in compliance with FB ToS.

There’s nothing more powerful, nothing simpler than this.

  • Get quality free content for any niche on the fly.
  • Get every type of content including videos, images, articles, text.
  • Finds trending posts and relevant news from top-sites that get you 5X engagement.
  • Comes with a robust planner to help you plan your content scheduling.
  • No need to work manually or to hire social media teams.
  • Makes managing and growing multiple pages easy

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We put a lot of effort in creating and maintaining our products and provide 24/7 customer support including online chat customer support.

Our products are loved by hundreds of thousands of marketers around the world.

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